Hi, I’m Heather! I’m a French and Spanish teacher and language lover. I host the podcast The Future is Bilingual. My husband and I live in New England, USA with our two very active toddlers who we are raising trilingually. We mostly speak Polish, my husband’s native language, at home, but we are gradually adding in more French and English, my native language, into our daily interactions. Thank you for your interest and for visiting my page!

I’d love to hear your story. Find me on Instagram @TheFutureIsBilingual or write to me at TFIBPodcast@gmail.com

Check out some of the interviews I’ve done with other podcasters and bloggers:

Podcast interview in Polish with Paulina of Polski Daily – my first time being a guest on someone else’s podcast!

Podcast interview with Aubrey of The Accidental Podcast – such a fun interview!

Written interview in Polish with Justyna from the English Speaking Mum Blog

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